Calcium Deposits on Teeth

Calcium Deposits on Teeth

White spots on teeth are nothing but calcium deposits on teeth. They can be avoided by following certain remedial measures. Go through this article that gives you some methods to get rid of calcium deposits on teeth.

Often, during development of teeth, there can be some disturbance in its proper growth leading to problems of calcium deposits on teeth. During development phase, ameloblast, that are the cells that constitute the hard white part of teeth, called as enamel, when making the teeth, may add too much mineral to the mix and this leads to white or brown spots on teeth.

How to Get rid of Calcium Deposits on Teeth?

In some cases, when the inner material of teeth, that is the dentine is discolored, it’ll appear very deep in teeth. Some people also relate calcium deposits on teeth to poor diet and lack of vitamins. Now, that we know the calcium deposits on teeth causes, we should proceed to know some ways on how to get rid of these white deposits. Generally, if these calcium deposits aren’t very deep, they can be removed without much issues. If you’re wondering as ‘how to remove calcium deposits on teeth‘, then you’ve to follow the steps mentioned further.

Consult a Dentist

Since you can’t decide on your own as what is the problem plaguing your teeth, you’ve to schedule an appointment with the dentist. He’ll be able to guide you on issues concerning your teeth discoloration or any closely related problem like calcium deposits on teeth.

Make a Tooth Paste

Baking soda and peroxide can act as a wonderful combination to help you get rid of calcium deposits on teeth. Using proper tooth brushes and brushing your teeth by applying baking soda and peroxide paste, you can get rid of calcium deposits on teeth. The proportion of peroxide and baking soda must be adequate.

Teeth whitening with hydrogen peroxide is a popular method that is used to whiten teeth. If the calcium deposits on teeth are very deep, then often teeth whitening methods may require long time to show their effectiveness. Moreover, you may have to go through various sessions of teeth whitening procedure.

Calcium Deposits on Teeth

Go for Fluoride Treatment

In case, calcium deposits on teeth are due to lack of minerals, you’ll have to undergo a fluoride treatment. That may eventually eliminate calcium deposits on teeth.

Air Abrasion Works Too

Your dentist can blow crystal pieces on your teeth using blowing machine that will cover white calcium deposit on your teeth and it’ll get eliminated.

Choose Bonding Procedure

If your dentist helps you go through a bonding procedure, he’ll apply white filling to your teeth. White filling helps you to get rid of white spots of calcium deposit on teeth. The dental bonding procedure is a very broad term and it’s used to carry out large number of tasks that may include mending broken teeth to recoloring your smile by removing white spots or brown spots.

Add Veneers

In case, calcium deposits have completely covered your teeth, your dentist will add porcelain veneers, that will help you to get rid of the calcium deposits on teeth. Veneers, in cosmetic dentistry are very popular as thin restorative material used to beautify the tooth or protect it from any damage.

It’s a well know fact that there are various too much calcium side effects, be it the excess of calcium in bones, nails or teeth. A balanced level of calcium in any body part is essential. Calcium deposits on teeth can be removed if you follow the dentists instructions carefully. To prevent calcium deposits on teeth in children, parents must, from the start take adequate care of the baby’s tooth. Proper dental health practices will lead to healthy tooth development reducing the risk of poor tooth development.

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